Best of Stereogum and team9’s MySplice series

I don’t know what weird alternate universe I’ve been living in where I haven’t heard of Stereogum and team9’s ridiculousMySplice mash-ups, but whereever I’ve been, I’m glad I’m here now.

Because these are some of the best mash-ups I’ve ever heard.

If you, like me, have somehow avoided these beacons of cool, here’s a primer on the best tracks. Did I mention that these are free? Because they are. You can download their .zip files straight from the site at a cost of exactly $0.00.

Check them out at Stereogum’s page. But first, here’s the best of what you have in store:

10.“Riders Sleep Alone” (The Doors x Bat for Lashes)

9. “Big School” (Hot Chip x Peter Gabriel)

8. “Smokey Fire” (Arcade Fire x Smokey Robinson x The Gunsmoke theme)

7.“Grizzly Feeling” (Michael McDonald & Grizzly Bear x REO Speedwagon)

6.“Daddy and the Thief” (Wolfmother x Gnarls Barkley)

5.“Loose Dancing” (Bangers & Cash x The Bee Gees)

4. “Pina Horchata” (Vampire Weekend x Rupert Holmes)

3. “B.F. Meets T.I.” (Ben Folds w/ Regina Spektor x T.I.)

2. “Crystal Holiday” (Crystal Castles x Naughty By Nature)

1. “Lockdown Shelter” (Kanye West x The Rolling Stones)


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  1. The Vampire Weekend one is groovy.

  2. I regret not making “Girls of Convenience” a top three selection.

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